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This from Mesadorm….

‘When She’s In That Mood’ is Out Now on all digital streaming platforms…..

Hello World:

Here are some historical and futorical things that will be or won’t be happening in the Babylegs universe this present and post month. It’s all very Mesadormy. Feel free to read this bombardment, or if you don’t we will know and a little fairy dies.

A video interview has happened! Daisy and Blythe of Mesadorm get interrogated by critically acclaimed journalist Oliver Whisk, founder of the ‘No Attention Span Blog’ which is sweeping the nation;

New single ‘When she’s in that mood’ is out today from the band’s upcoming album ‘Epicadus’, an acoustic re-imagining of compositions from their debut album ‘Heterogaster’. Aaron (producer/guitarist) of the band has described it as “songs, some new, done live in a church, unplugged like in medieval times”. Though he admits some electricity was used, little was used to create sound. ‘Epicadus’ was recorded & engineered by the awesome Tim Allen of Bat for lashes, and captured in Eype Church where PJ Harvey recorded ‘Let England Shake’. Here’s a playlist featuring the song;

Mesadorm’s album ‘Epicadus’ will be released on 19th April.

 Tour Dates and Tickets for Mesadorm’s ‘Epicadus’ U.K. tour here.

The long awaited Mesadorm documentary, ‘Colour and Sound’ is almost ready and set to premiere online on 12th April. Tom Jacob, film director and composer has compiled the footage into something quite remarkable that tells the tale of what it’s like to go on a mesa tour. Split into 6 episodes, each one features a member of the band and gives us some insight into their individual worlds and how it all strings together. Colour & Sound weaves together surreal interviews, candid footage and live performances in a weird, hilarious and ultimately touching story of five great friends playing a few gigs to a few people.

‘Colour & Sound’ will be available to watch on You Tube from 12th April

PREMIERE: 24th April at The Prince Albert in Stroud, 8pm

PRE GIG SCREENING: 11th May at The Prince Albert in Stroud, 12pm

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